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Christmas 2022

Christmas greetings for 2022 – at times of crisis … please steer clear of banalities!

Whether in private life or in business: Christmas correspondence is a small but not insignificant aspect of communication, something which can prove tricky, especially in turbulent times. In this blog, over the course of the last few years,…
Christmas greetings 2020

Tips for your 2021 Christmas greetings – between the pandemic and a sense of normality

[updated in November 2021] In the shops, all kinds of lovely Christmas articles are stacked to the rafters, same as every year. Christmas stollens, gingerbread men, advent calendars – it's all so familiar, and yet it feels different this…
Christmas greetings international

Christmas all around – messages and greetings to international customers and business partners

We all have a very specific notion of what the holiday season should be like. A period of quiet reflection, of warmth and love. A time of looking back at the year gone by... and ahead, into the future. And that's what we do. Both privately…