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Christmas greetings 2020

Tips for your 2021 Christmas greetings – between the pandemic and a sense of normality

[updated in November 2021] In the shops, all kinds of lovely Christmas articles are stacked to the rafters, same as every year. Christmas stollens, gingerbread men, advent calendars – it's all so familiar, and yet it feels different this…

Pre-editing: what is it, and where will it lead?

The latest trend in the translation industry: pre-editing. These days, many industries are developing at an incredible and accelerating pace. Trends are increasingly short-lived. Yesterday's big new thing is quickly pushed aside in favour of…
Style guide eurolanguage translations

Style guide for your international communication

Home >> Blog eurolanguage >> Style guide Welcome 2021 – we all hope that the new year will bring the decisive breakthrough, economic recovery and worldwide containment of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the first weeks…
Review of 2020 eurolanguage translations

Review of the Corona-Year 2020

Between Tradition and Tragedy – A Look Back at an Unconventional Year 2020 "We certainly hadn't imagined this. Nobody could have seen a year like this coming." Over the course of this past year, people all over the world have had thoughts…
Christmas greetings international

Christmas all around – messages and greetings to international customers and business partners

We all have a very specific notion of what the holiday season should be like. A period of quiet reflection, of warmth and love. A time of looking back at the year gone by... and ahead, into the future. And that's what we do. Both privately…