Review of 2020 eurolanguage translations

Review of the Corona-Year 2020

Between Tradition and Tragedy – A Look Back at an Unconventional Year 2020

“We certainly hadn’t imagined this. Nobody could have seen a year like this coming.”

Over the course of this past year, people all over the world have had thoughts like this, and the same goes for us at eurolanguage.

It was shaping up to be a special year for us, seeing as it was the anniversary of our company, and the year was even off to a good start.

We had great plans for our blog: we wanted it to become even more informative, helpful and visually appealing, and our pipeline of upcoming articles was bursting with exciting, challenging topics.

The month of March in particular held a special place on our calendar: 25 years of eurolanguage!!! It still seems hard to believe, and it was a cause for celebration. We were looking forward to sharing our joy with our clients and translators, putting together extraordinary events and saying “thank you” to everyone who supported us for so long and whom we’ve been working with day in, day out.

But then everything changed, almost overnight.

Instead of celebrating the history and development of our company and our profession, we did everything to help with our translations to the best of our abilities. We hope we were able to be of some help with our contributions.

Still, we managed to savour some good moments among the general chaos: many private customers needed to avail of our services, and so we quickly set up an efficient, contact-free pick-up system for certified translations, which was highly appreciated and saw plenty of use. In these dark times, it was a small satisfaction to us to feel that we were needed and that we succeeded in being there for others despite the circumstances. At this point, we would like to send special thanks to our translators, who went out of their way to achieve what sometimes seemed impossible.

Nobody knows how the pandemic and the economy will develop in the coming year 2021. The last few months have shown, however, that the need to communicate internationally, to help maintain trade and a lively exchange despite all these adverse conditions remains unbroken. This is good and comforting news both on a human and a business level.

Our positive experiences also include the fact that the exceptional situations around the world have clearly revealed that translations, specifically human-made translations and intercultural consulting, are and will remain relevant, even system-relevant.

Perhaps this is an insight that we can and should take with us as we look forward to the future – a different and more hopeful future.At the end of this challenging year, we consider ourselves quite fortunate to be able to say: “We’re here for you, for your company, for the world out there, no matter what happens. “And we will continue to be just that – with passion and dedication.Today, tomorrow, 2021. We’re looking forward to it.

We already have a lot of ideas for the coming year!