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Pre-editing: what is it, and where will it lead?

The latest trend in the translation industry: pre-editing. These days, many industries are developing at an incredible and accelerating pace. Trends are increasingly short-lived. Yesterday’s big new thing is quickly pushed aside in favour of something new, something faster.The aim of all these new developments, it is generally claimed, is to achieve even better results […]

Style guide for your international communication

Welcome 2021 – we all hope that the new year will bring the decisive breakthrough, economic recovery and worldwide containment of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the first weeks – and probably also months – of the year are still marked by strict curtailment measures that affect us all. We are tired of the numerous rules, […]

Review of the Corona-Year 2020

Between Tradition and Tragedy – A Look Back at an Unconventional Year 2020 “We certainly hadn’t imagined this. Nobody could have seen a year like this coming.” Over the course of this past year, people all over the world have had thoughts like this, and the same goes for us at eurolanguage. It was shaping […]